faggot(s) lil wayne for president~

lil wayne for president~

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*first of all please excuse my poor spelling and grammer, im not stupid i’m just rubbish at typing.*

okay, my names Erin and i’m 14 years old. i live in england, kinda nearish london- but not london.

i really like ugly things, ugly clothes, ugly models, ugly buildings, things like that. i like them because their strange, i like the kind of patterns that make people gag because their so ugly. sometimes if i wear things because thier weird people are like ‘oh your so indie lol joke~’ so il just clear it now, im not indie, nor do i try to be. the whole ‘emo’ ‘scene’ ‘indie’ ‘chav’, i’d hate to be labelled, i’m just me, i like what i like. however i call people chavs all the time so thats really hypocritical haha

this used to be a skate blog, but i rarely went on it, so now its just for my own personal fashion inspiration blog, i don’t care about followers or whatever, i go on my main blog more depending on my mood

i’m not popular, im not a geek, im not pretty, im not ugly (okay maybe im a lil bit lol), im not particularly interesting or funny, but im not boring and i do have a sense of humor.

idk what to write, its long enough

oh and for my GCSE’s i took (english, maths, science, RS) and art, history, citizenship (politics and aw and stuff) and BACS (buisness and communications studies)

don’t hate lol#